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Simplifying GDPR Compliance for U.S. Businesses

Introducing heyData, the comprehensive GDPR all-in-one compliance solution now available in the U.S. Designed to meet the unique challenges faced by American businesses, our platform simplifies cross-border data protection and ensures seamless adherence to EU privacy regulations.

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Over 1,000 companies already rely on heyData's external data protection officers

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Your Elite Compliance Vanguard

Get a dedicated team of seasoned professionals committed to guiding your business through the complexities of GDPR regulations.

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Effortless Sync With Your Systems

Technology meets efficiency: Our solution is designed to effortlessly blend with your existing systems, creating a cohesive and streamlined experience.

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Tailor-Made Offers for Every Need

Our Custom-Fit Offers provide the ultimate ease, coupling transparent terms with personalized solutions. From crystal-clear pricing to services that align with your unique challenges, we deliver a seamless experience.

Identify potential GDPR problems in less than 2 hours

Enhance your compliance strategy

Efficiently uncover any gaps in your compliance strategy with our comprehensive data protection audit. This essential evaluation sets the stage for customized recommendations from our seasoned legal experts. Experience a meticulous and individualized strategy that fortifies your compliance, ensuring peace of mind and robust data protection.

Save time and ressources with our all in one compliance solution

Save time and resources with our platform

Navigate the complexities of privacy obligations effortlessly with our platform, complemented by our expert legal team. We provide tailored, actionable recommendations that align precisely with your unique needs, offering a seamless and hassle-free overview of your data privacy responsibilities.

Get your employees GDPR proof

Train your employees to become compliance heroes

Empower your team to master the complexities of regulatory compliance with our focused training program. Through engaging and interactive content, your team will gain the skills and confidence to navigate and champion compliance in your organization, making data protection a cornerstone of your business success

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Trust in our commitment to not just meet, but anticipate and fulfill, your every need.

heyData stands out with its tailor-made, actionable recommendations crafted to meet your specific needs. Our platform, complemented by expert legal advice, ensures a hassle-free overview and management of your privacy obligations.
In addition, you are provided with a vast selection of compliance trainings, assistance for all necessary data protection documentation, a powerful vendor risk management tool, a secure data protection vault, and much more.

heyData is equipped to handle compliance with EU GDPR. The EU GDPR doesn’t only apply to companies that are based in the EU, but rather to all companies that offer goods or services in the EU or track the behavior of persons based in the EU, regardless of where they are based. As the most important privacy law in the world, the GDPR inspired many of the privacy legislations that were adopted over the last years in the USA, and is generally considered to be the main benchmark in terms of data protection law. This means that applying GDPR standards can be beneficial even for companies that don’t need to comply directly with the GDPR, as these will cover obligations arising from local laws in almost all cases.

Our platform is continually updated by our team of legal experts to reflect the latest GDPR regulations and compliance standards, ensuring your business is always ahead in compliance matters.

First of all, you will have a call with one of our representatives, who will assess your situation and requirements. After that we will create a customized offer based on your needs and from there, if you decide to sign up with us, we will start our onboarding process and make sure that in a few weeks, you will be up and running with your GDPR compliance.