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mattersOut - The whistleblowing tool for companies

With mattersOut, you get an effective whistleblowing tool that both strengthens the concerns of your employees and protects your company from costly legal cases.

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Hinweisgeber-Schutzgesetz: mit uns wirst du Compliant

Compliant with the EU Whistleblowing Directive

The EU passed the new whistleblower protection law in 2021, which is binding for companies and organisations with 50 or more employees. They must set up a secure reporting channel for internal incidents. mattersOut supports you in this.

Hinweisgebersystem - Schnell, Vertraulich, Anonym

mattersOut - Quick, confidential, anonymous

mattersOut offers companies a flexible solution for whistleblowing. In just three quick steps - "select subject", "describe incident", and "send" - employees can report grievances securely - whether anonymous or not is freely selectable. The system complies with EU standards and offers direct, uncomplicated access to the ongoing conversation through a personal chat key.

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Fachspezifisches Training für Case-Manager und Mitarbeiter

Specialist training for case managers and staff

We not only offer you a tool, but also the necessary know-how. With our specialised trainings, your case managers and staff will acquire the necessary legal expertise.

Unsere Preise für das Hinweisgeberschutzsystem

Prices for mattersOut

These are the monthly costs to protect whistleblowers and increase transparency:

Up to 49 employees: 10 €
50-149 employees: 40 €
150-249 employees: 70 €
250-499 employees: 100 €
Over 500 employees: Price on request.

Our whistleblowing solution can also be booked as a stand-alone product. Just get in touch with us.

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The advantages of our whistleblowing tool - mattersOut

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Proactive Risk Control & Efficient Management

mattersOut acts as your personal early warning system and management tool in one. It allows you to react quickly to potential misconduct. At the same time, user-friendly functions facilitate case management. This way, you stay organised and can act proactively to avoid potential negative consequences for your company.

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Build trust & corporate reputation

By fostering an open and inclusive culture, mattersOut not only supports the well-being of your employees, but also strengthens the reputation of your organisation. A secure and simple reporting process helps staff feel valued, which in turn increases external stakeholders' trust in your organisation.

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User-centred anonymity & flexibility

Anonymity and user comfort are at the forefront of mattersOut. The process is designed to provide users with maximum anonymity and security, from reporting to follow-up. The intuitive chat function makes for a seamless experience and gives employees the control and flexibility they need to communicate securely.

matterOut Whistleblowing

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FAQ on whistleblowing

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On 12 May 2023, the Federal Council passed the Whistleblower Protection Act, which is the national implementation of the EU Whistleblower Directive. It is expected to come into force in mid-June 2023. This law was passed to better protect whistleblowers and provide them with a safe way to report wrongdoing at their employers.

First, companies with 250 or more employees must set up internal whistleblowing systems. These systems are designed to enable employees to report wrongdoing safely and confidentially. Companies with 50-249 employees have a transition period until 17 December 2023.

An anonymous whistleblower protection system offers whistleblowers the opportunity to report grievances safely and confidentially without fear that their identity will be revealed. This can help ensure that more employees are willing to report wrongdoing because they feel safe and do not have to fear negative consequences. Such a system can help companies respond to and remedy grievances more quickly, which can ultimately help build trust in the company among employees and the public.

Yes, our whistleblowing solution mattersOut can also be booked as a stand-alone product. Just get in touch with us.

Companies in the public sector as well as cities and municipalities with more than 10,000 inhabitants are covered by the law and must offer whistleblowing systems from mid-June 2023. These systems are designed to enable citizens to report wrongdoing securely and confidentially.

The procedure for submitting the notification must be possible orally or in writing and, if desired, also in person.

The internal reporting office must acknowledge receipt of the report to whistleblowers within seven days.

Within three months, MROS must inform the whistleblower what action has been taken as a result. E.g. the initiation of internal investigations or the forwarding of the report to the competent authority.

In the whistleblower system, reports are usually received by case managers, persons of trust, or ombudspersons.

Potential case managers should consider people who do not have conflicts with other activities. This means that, for example, positions of responsibility in data protection matters (DPO), anti-money laundering, or other similar areas are perfect for this role.

Ideally, the case manager should have expertise in the area of the Whistleblower Protection Act or be willing to undergo further training in this area. Individuals with experience in handling sensitive information and ensuring confidentiality may be particularly suitable.

To fill the position of case manager, it is a good idea to consider someone from the human resources department or the legal department, provided they are not in a senior position. People in these departments often have an understanding of compliance issues and legal aspects relevant to dealing with whistleblower reports.

Yes, it is important to train the case manager regularly. We recommend training at least once a year to ensure that the case manager has the necessary expertise and is familiar with the latest developments in the area of the Whistleblower Protection Act. Regular training keeps case managers up to date and enables them to deal effectively and competently with incoming reports.

Training employees on whistleblowing is a recommended measure to make the use of whistleblower software known and attractive. However, there is no legal obligation for employees to use the software, as they are legally allowed to go directly to government whistleblowers. However, companies usually prefer that internal grievances are dealt with internally.

Upon request, we provide training for employees to inform them about the whistleblowing process, the benefits of reporting whistleblowing internally and how to use the whistleblower software safely. Such training typically covers the importance of whistleblowing to corporate integrity, the confidentiality of reports, protection against reprisals, and the possible consequences of misuse or false reporting.

The training is designed to encourage employees to report potential wrongdoing or illegal behavior internally rather than going to external agencies. The training provides employees with the necessary knowledge and awareness to identify potential risks and grievances at an early stage and to act appropriately.