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mattersOut delivers an effective whistleblowing tool that strengthens employee concerns while safeguarding your company against expensive legal battles.

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Compliant with the Whistleblower Protection Act

In 2021, the new Whistleblower Directive was launched in the EU. In the future, all companies and organizations with 50 or more employees will be required to ensure a consistent, minimum level of protection for whistleblowers throughout Europe. This directive highlights the need for a reporting channel that allows employees to report internal incidents of any kind.

Empower employees and uncover costly grievances

Introducing an anonymous reporting channel can provide valuable benefits to both your employees and your company, regardless of its size. It not only helps to strengthen your corporate culture but also focuses on detecting grievances within your organization at an early stage. Detecting fraud or other legal cases that may have gone unnoticed represents a significant financial risk to your business.

mattersOut - the simple Whistleblowing solution

Our whistleblowing system mattersOut is both easy to implement and very user-friendly. Incidents can be reported in just three steps, with no login required. In addition, the highest security standards in accordance with the EU Directive guarantee one hundred percent anonymity of whistleblowers and security of the data exchanged.

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Strengthen transparency, minimize risks

Pricing for mattersOut

These are the monthly costs to protect those that provide information and increase transparency: Up to 49 employees: €10 50-149 employees: €40 150-249 employees: €70 250-499 employees: €100 Over 500 employees: price on request Our whistleblowing solution can also be booked as a standalone product. Just get in touch.

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