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Thanks to our all-in-one compliance solution, you ensure secure and sustainable compliance with the GDPR for companies of all sizes - across Europe.

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Compliance as the key to your company's success

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Winning customers and business partners

Compliance promotes trust and transparency, key elements for strong business relationships. Meticulous implementation of applicable regulations signals a sense of responsibility, increases competitiveness, and promotes long-term partnerships.

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Prevent data breaches

Robust data protection guidelines are a must to avoid both reputational damage and hefty fines. Periodically auditing and adapting to current regulations will minimise the risk of data breaches.

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Save effort and costs

The choice of a suitable data protection partner is crucial for efficient and smooth implementation. Compared to expensive law firms or the use of internal resources, this option offers effective data protection and saves costs as well as resources.

Our tailor-made solution

Certified industry experts

Our clients are served by a team of certified Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and lawyers who know their industry and its challenges inside out.

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All-in-one data protection management

With our automated data protection management system and integrations, we cover all data protection topics so you can focus on your core business and growth.

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Comprehensive digital audit

Thanks to our end-to-end digital data protection audit, every company and department can easily identify potential data protection gaps and learn how best to protect the company continuously.

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Compliance employee training

Effective data protection within the company requires trained employees. Our data protection and compliance training provides relevant guidelines and is completed with a certification.

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Data protection compliance made easy

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Quick and always there for you

With us, your company will comply with data protection regulations in no time! We are personally available and competent for your needs.

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Simple and uncomplicated

Forget the complicated paperwork! Conveniently monitor your compliance digitally and integrate your processes into the heyData platform.

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Cost-efficient and professional

Thanks to specialised experts and standardised processes, we are the perfect partner by your side. This is how we offer you fair prices and individual packages without hidden costs.

Monitor compliance with data protection regulations simply and digitally

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The digital all-in-one compliance solution

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