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The most frequently asked questions about our service and data protection.

About heyData's Service

Find out more about our services, packages and prices at heyData, your external data protection officer-as-a-software.

heyData's customers receive a powerful combination of effective data protection software and personalized expert guidance. Our digital platform makes it simple and reliable to take control of your data protection, while our team of data protection lawyers are some of the most knowledgeable in their field.

Data protection is not a question of company size. The data protection regulations - and unfortunately also the fines - affect the self-employed as well as corporations. Investing in data protection measures early on can ensure that they scale with your company and avoid the need for any disruptive changes down the line.

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The heyData platform helps you gain control over key data protection processes that are critical for your business - from auditing, to retrieving important documents, to training employees.

Onboarding: Introduction of all relevant employees to heyData platform.

Digital 360° Audit: Screening your departments for data protection compliance.

Documentation: The heyData platform provides automated creation of all privacy-related documents, as well as expert guidance on how to enhance your privacy level.

Continuous Support: Proactive monitoring of all data protection topics via our platform with a personal contact person.

We work predominately in English and German, but other languages are available on request. 

About Data Protection

Here you will find all the answers to the topics that fall under the category of ​​data protection.

17 German supervisory authorities monitor compliance with data protection regulations. Your data protection officer is obligated to ensure compliance with these data protection regulations in accordance with Art. 39 (1) DSGVO.

If you do not comply, your company can expect fines of up to 20 million euros or 4% of annual sales. In addition, such infringement will result in a loss of confidence and trust in your company, which is priceless.

Even if you do not need a data protection officer, your company must still comply with all data protection requirements. However, you definitely need a data protection officer if one or more of the following criteria apply to your company:

  • You employ more than 20 people
  • You extensively process special categories of personal data (such as data concerning a person's ethnic origin, political opinion, religious beliefs, or health)
  • You use video surveillance or employ new techniques, e.g. algorithms or artificial intelligence
  • In almost all companies that have a connection with personnel: where personal data is transmitted, collected, processed or used on a businesslike basis as a core activity for the company

Data protection ready in 2 weeks

Our user-friendly software-supported data protection audit can be completed efficiently. Typically, it can be done in just two hours on average.

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