Stay up-to-date with our latest studies and analyses on data privacy. Our comprehensive resources will provide you with the knowledge you need to feel secure in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Discover more about the most security-minded individuals in Europe or explore our data protection ranking, which offers an intriguing comparison of various countries.

How much is your data worth?

A calculation has revealed the amount of money that social networks earn from our screen time - per minute, day, month, and year.

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Data protection ranking in Europe

In 2018, GDPR was passed, but how well have the new regulations been implemented? heyData conducted a study comparing data protection levels across European countries to find out. Check out the results to learn more about the current status of GDPR implementation in Europe.

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Data protection ready in two weeks

Our user-friendly software-supported data protection audit can be completed efficiently. Typically, it can be done in just two hours on average.

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