Transforming Digital Education: Code University's Compliance Success

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The Code University of Applied Sciences is revolutionizing the way young talent is trained for the digital landscape of business. Through three bachelor's degree programs, this state-accredited university provides valuable education on digital products, software solutions, and cutting-edge technologies. As a result, they support the development of tomorrow's designers, developers, and digital entrepreneurs.

"Efficient work: without heyData's software solution we would have had to scale up to 3 data protection officers”

Saving valuable resources and all-encompassing data protection compliance - this is how Code University of Applied Sciences benefits from heyData's compliance software solution.


As part of its accreditation, Code University of Applied Sciences has already been confronted with the important issue of data protection - a single data protection officer was handling it at the time. The employee's sole responsibility was reflected in ongoing uncertainty in GDPR-relevant areas, and the University of Applied Sciences also struggled with many manual processes. It additionally complained about a lack of comprehensible preparation and structured training for employees. As a result of costly and time-consuming processes and the lack of data protection awareness for the entire company, Code University of Applied Sciences was looking for a smart solution for its data protection compliance.

The Solution

In heyData, Code University of Applied Sciences not only found reliable legal expertise but rather an all-in-one digital software solution with a focus on ease of use and accelerated processes that guarantee 100% covered GDPR compliance.

After successful onboarding and introduction to the heyData platform, the all-digital audit determined the University of Applied Sciences’ level of data protection and made improvements. Code University of Applied Sciences was then able to access all documents relevant to its data protection which were created in a fully automated manner via the platform. At the same time, digital training began for employees to raise their awareness of data protection regulations and their impact on their daily work. In addition, the heyData platform enables continuous monitoring of all relevant processes and data protection requests of the University of Applied Sciences to this day. This ensures 100% data protection compliance.

The Result

  • Full data protection compliance in less than 2 weeks
  • More efficient use of resources: without heyData, 3 data protection officers would have been required to provide adequate coverage
  • An educated and informed workforce thanks to heyData's digital training
  • Ongoing data protection compliance through heyData's simultaneous processing of all data protection issues and requests

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