Data Protection Documentation provided by our Experts

Data protection documentation for compliance with the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes a variety of documentation and compliance obligations on companies. Here are the most important documents and aspects you may require. Our all-in-one compliance solutions and our experts will provide you with all the relevant documents to be GDPR compliant.

Privacy policy

Create an effective privacy policy to create transparency and strengthen customer trust. Disclose how personal data is collected, processed and protected.

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Data protection impact assessment (DPIA)

Learn how the data protection impact assessment can help you identify risks in data processing and define measures to minimize them before they can affect data subjects.

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Record of processing activities (ROPA)

Understand the importance of the processing register, which contains detailed records of an organization's data processing activities and is an essential part of GDPR compliance.

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Technical and organisational measures (TOMs)

Technical and organizational measures (TOMs) help you to ensure the security of personal data and support compliance with GDPR regulations.

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Data processing agreement (DPA)

Find out about the importance of the data processing agreement, a key element of the GDPR that regulates the rights and obligations of companies and external data processors.

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