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Effective compliance within your company relies on well-trained employees. Our compliance training courses provide an overview of important regulations and end with official certification.

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Understanding and implementing the GDPR

Our compliance trainings, created by our experienced lawyers, clearly summarise all the important aspects of the GDPR, cyber security, and compliance, making your employees' work easier.

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Flexible learning

Your employees can easily access our training courses online. They train independently on compliance topics when it suits them best and receive an official attendance certificate at the end.

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Transparent prices

Discover our customised packages tailored to your specific needs. Courses can be purchased conveniently through the platform.

Simple team management

Check your personalised dashboard to see who did and did not complete the training.

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Automatic reminders

Our platform sends automatic reminders to ensure that training is completed on time and that employees are actively participating.

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Large catalogue

Choose from a wide range of compliance courses that meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Offer your employees the right support to protect your business and become GDPR compliant !

Who is responsible for staff training ?

The employer is usually responsible for training its employees to ensure that everyone who works with personal data is adequately trained and complies with data protection rules.

What do our compliance trainings include?

Our training courses are designed to educate employees on various topics related to data protection and compliance. Our catalog is regularly updated with new content and information on new regulations.
Below you will find a list of our current trainings and a summary of their content.

Why is data protection so important in the company?

Business data protection is of utmost importance to gain the trust of customers and business partners, to meet legal requirements, to protect against data loss and cyber-attacks, and to gain a competitive advantage.

Our prices

➡  1-25 employees: 12 € per participant
➡  26-50 employees: 11,64 € per participant
➡  51-75 employees: 11,28 € per participant
➡  76-100 employees: 10,92 € per participant
➡  101-150 employees: 10,32 € per participant
➡  151-200 employees: 9,72 € per participant
➡  201-250 employees: 9,12 € per participant

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Available trainings

Occupational Safety in the Office

This course provides employees with essential knowledge about data protection principles and practices. It covers the importance of handling personal and sensitive data responsibly, understanding compliance with relevant regulations, and recognizing the impact of data breaches.

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Data Protection for Employees

This training focuses on empowering employees with the skills to safeguard digital information. It includes best practices for password security, recognizing phishing attempts, and understanding the importance of secure networks to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

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Whistleblower Protection for Case Managers

This training is aimed at case managers and covers the legal and ethical aspects of whistleblower protection. It explains the procedures for handling reports, ensuring confidentiality and understanding the legal protection of whistleblowers.

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IT security for employees

In this course, participants will learn how to protect their digital data. This includes best practices for password security, recognizing phishing attacks and understanding the importance of secure networks to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

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Swiss data protection for employees

This course is specifically tailored for employees dealing with Swiss data and covers the intricacies of Swiss data protection laws (revDSG). It offers insights into compliance requirements, the handling of personal data within Swiss jurisdiction, and the differences between Swiss and EU data protection law.

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Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

In this important training, employees learn how to recognize, prevent and combat sexual harassment in the workplace. The focus is on creating a respectful work environment, understanding the legal consequences of harassment and the procedures for reporting and dealing with incidents.

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Whistleblower Protection for Employees

This course offers employees an understanding of their rights and duties as potential whistleblowers. It covers the importance of reporting unethical or illegal activities, the process of making a disclosure, and the safeguards in place to protect whistleblowers from retaliation.

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Frequently asked question

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No, there is no official obligation stated in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). However, there is an indirect obligation, because a company must ensure that personal data is processed in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR and should of course also train its employees in this sense.

Such training aims to make employees aware of the careful handling of personal data and to provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to avoid data protection breaches. Data protection training should therefore take place regularly, especially for new employees and when data protection regulations change.

The exact requirements for data protection training can vary depending on the country and industry. However, in the European Union there are some requirements that apply to all companies that process personal data.

According to Article 39 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), one of the responsibilities of a data protection officer for companies is to ensure that employees receive regular training to ensure that they are able to fulfil their data protection obligations. Training should be adapted according to the specific tasks and needs of the employees.

Employees who process personal data should receive regular training. In addition, it may be necessary to provide even more frequent training in the event of changes to data protection regulations or the introduction of new technologies or procedures that have an impact on the processing of personal data.

The costs for data protection training can vary depending on the scope and content of the training.

For customers who opt for the Professional or Enterprise package, data protection training is of course already included in the price; in the Basic package, on the other hand, training can be booked individually at any time. The exact prices may vary, however, depending on individual needs.

It is important to note, however, that the price for data protection training is only part of the overall service offered by heyData. For companies that work with us, we also take on the role of external data protection officer and deliver support in the implementation of technical and organisational measures, a comprehensive digital audit and many other benefits.