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Empowering Compliance: Learnship's Success Story

Learnship is the world-leading provider of online language and intercultural training for businesses. The company aims to offer its clients an innovative and high-quality learning and development program.

For instance, Learnship has digitalized the entire learning management process for HR employees, including onboarding, process automation, and much more.

We spoke with Vanessa Stadler, the People Partner at Learnship, to tell you more about how our whistleblowing platform, mattersOut, was able to support the company in managing its daily work.

“Since the introduction of mattersOut, our employees' trust in Learnship has been further strengthened”

Vanessa Stadler

People Partner of Learnship

The Challenge

As a global company, it was particularly important for Learnship to implement a whistleblowing or speak-up platform that employees could use regardless of their time zone or location to make reports. Many employees felt uncomfortable addressing their concerns and issues directly, prompting Learnship to look for a solution that would maintain this anonymity. Additionally, the platform needed to be easy to use and provide quick and professional feedback to the employees on their reports.

The Solution

Learnship was already a satisfied customer of heyData's digital data protection solution. heyData's whistleblowing or speak-up platform, mattersOut, was an ideal addition. MattersOut offers a simple and user-friendly platform where employees can submit reports at any time. The solution ensures the anonymity of the employees and guarantees that all reports are treated confidentially. Through continuous monitoring of the reports, Learnship can ensure that all compliance violations and grievances in the company are addressed quickly and professionally.

The Result

  • Legal compliance: The implementation of mattersOut ensures that Learnship meets the requirements of the EU-wide Whistleblowing Directive.
  • Positive compliance culture: By implementing mattersOut, Learnship can offer its employees a platform where they can raise concerns and worries anonymously and confidentially.
  • Professional handling: The simple operation of mattersOut offers the possibility of quick and professional feedback on reports received so that Learnship can react to grievances and violations at an early stage.

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