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Ambient's Success with heyData for GDPR Compliance

heyData x Ambient

How did Ambient, an app and web development agency, implement heyData to ensure GDPR compliance when working with clients?

Ambient has been at the forefront of delivering digital solutions to renowned clients for over a decade and covers a comprehensive spectrum of product development services, from web and app development to design and operational development.

As a digital service provider specializing in app and web development, ensuring data privacy compliance is a legal obligation and a fundamental aspect of Ambient’s operations. 

“In all our client projects, we consistently strive to manage personal data in full compliance with the GDPR and always go the extra mile to ensure our commitment to data protection”


Felix Schul

CEO & MD at Ambient

After a year of using heyData, we contacted Felix Schul to ask him about Ambient’s experience with the product.

The Challenges

Ambient faced challenges in navigating the complexities of data protection obligations, particularly concerning GDPR compliance, data processing with service providers in third countries, and implementing technical data protection measures.

The agency's Privacy, Security, and Legal circle is responsible for addressing data protection issues. However, many internal and external data protection obligations proved ambiguous and challenging to implement practically. Key challenges included:

  • Obligation to Inform: Informing clients and stakeholders about processing activities was cumbersome and often lacked clarity. 
  • Technical Data Protection Measures: Implementing Technical and Organizational Measures (TOMs) to ensure data security in client projects were demanding. 
  • Data Processing with Service Providers in Third Countries: Handling data processing activities involving service providers in countries like the United States posed significant uncertainties and complexities.

Choosing heyData as an All-in-One-Compliance-Solution

  • Platform-Based Collaboration: heyData's platform allowed for streamlined collaboration, facilitating efficient communication and document management.
  • Responsive Helpdesk: Quick assistance during the demo and subsequent interactions highlighted heyData's commitment to prompt support.
  • Document Management: The ability to organize data protection-related documents in a clear folder structure was a crucial advantage.

“We chose heyData due to its platform-based collaboration and the remarkable responsiveness of its helpdesk”


Felix Schul

CEO & MD at Ambient

The Solutions

  • Comprehensive compliance support
  • Pragmatic implementation process
  • Systematic document management
  • Streamlined employee training

Ambient started ensuring GDPR compliance by deploying TOMs (Technical and Organizational Measures) to protect data security in client projects.

heyData's structured approach, with well-organized audit calls and detailed action items, sped up the implementation process and helped Ambient avoid confusion and bottlenecks, making it possible for the agency to comply with regulations more efficiently.

The data protection and compliance platform also systematically stores data protection documents, further enhancing Ambient's compliance framework.

Additionally, the agency established streamlined workflows for employee training – enhancing the digital solution's overall compliance posture.

Overall, heyData's solution was essential for Ambient to navigate complex compliance challenges confidently and efficiently.

“We highly appreciate an organized platform like heyData that allows us to systematically store all data protection-related documents in one place and easily manage documents and training for employees. That, in our opinion, is a significant advantage”

Felix Schul

CEO & MD at Ambient

The Results

  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Reduced uncertainty
  • Reduced risk of data breaches
  • Increased customer trust and loyalty
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced legal and regulatory costs

Using heyData, Ambient successfully streamlined its data protection processes, resulting in reduced time and effort spent on compliance. By clearly understanding data protection obligations, the platform and the individual support of the specialized team minimized uncertainty and risk, enabling Ambient to steer clear of costly errors.

Ambient now actively protects its data against unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. This lowered the risk of data breaches and other compliance-related incidents, which can have a significant financial and reputational impact.

Demonstrating their commitment to data protection has earned Ambient the trust and loyalty of their customers, furthermore improving their operational efficiency by automating many of their data protection tasks. This freed up time and resources for other tasks like customer service and product development. This also enabled the agency to avoid costly fines, penalties, and the risk of protracted and expensive legal challenges.

heyData's solution played a transformative role in resolving Ambient's intricate data protection and compliance challenges. Through GDPR audits, structured processes, and an organized platform, Ambient was empowered to manage its compliance obligations efficiently, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and a stronger data protection posture.

“We wholeheartedly recommend heyData. We're grateful to have you as our external data protection officer”

Felix Schul

CEO & MD at Ambient

The Future

After a year of successful collaboration, Ambient recognized their partnership with heyData resulted in increased operational efficiency and significantly reduced uncertainty associated with meeting data protection obligations. It’s noteworthy that Ambient has chosen to extend its contract and continue its partnership with us.

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heyData x Ambient

Ambient's Success with heyData for GDPR Compliance

Ambient, a leading app and web development agency, faced significant challenges in GDPR compliance, including unclear data processing obligations and implementing technical data protection measures. Discover Ambient's journey to GDPR compliance with heyData. This success story highlights how the web and app development agency overcame data protection challenges, improving efficiency and customer trust. Learn from CEO Felix Schul how heyData's platform, responsive support, and structured processes streamlined Ambient's compliance efforts, enhancing data security and operational performance. A compelling read for anyone navigating the complexities of data privacy regulations.

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