Bling: Revolutionizing Family Finance with Education

heyData & Bling

Bling is not your typical bank; instead, the Berlin-based team is developing a family-friendly and educational financial platform. Bling stands out for its focus on financial literacy and its strong focus on the needs of families and children. "Families are completely forgotten in product development. We put them at the center," says Nils Feigenwinter, co-founder and CEO of the family fintech.  Bling positions itself as an app that empowers families with the knowledge and tools they need to make smart money decisions every day. Whether it's understanding budgets, saving or investing, Bling acts as a guide to help families along the way and make them money smart.

The Challenge

Bling as a rapidly growing startup was facing various challenges, particularly in a dynamic legal landscape. Therefore they were seeking external expertise. They had a particular challenge: to establish robust data protection measures within a family fintech that handles sensitive data from thousands of families with children in Germany daily. They were able to do so without long training periods or high legal fees that would have hindered the company's growth.

Bling required comprehensive support and assistance in the realms of data protection, including securing and deleting personal data. heyData proved to be the ideal partner, offering the necessary guidance and delivering fast, helpful support through their team of lawyers and data protection experts.

The Solution

After implementing heyData, the processes related to data processing at Bling became much more efficient and time-saving. Compliance measures were professionally implemented with the corresponding professionalism that is also appreciated by their business partners. This allowed the company to focus on its core business instead of spending time on lengthy research and documentation.

The Result

  • Bling benefits from an intuitive and user-friendly platform that makes it easy for employees to navigate and engage with the application.
  • Asynchronous training that allows users to learn at their own pace in a simple and understandable way
  • Effective and fast communication channels with data compliance experts are established, allowing Bling to receive short-term and professional feedback on reports. This facilitates early detection of and response to grievances and breaches.
  • A positive compliance culture is fostered within the company, providing a safe framework for employees to report misconduct. This strengthens trust in Bling as a company.

"We are especially grateful for heyData's support. We save a lot of valuable time on data protection processes with ever-changing regulations. heyData helps us keep everything in order and up to date." 

Calvin Krieger

Head of Operations at Bling

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