Empowering Natsana: Data Protection & Financial Mastery with heyData and Candis

Natsana, a leading force in the nutritional supplement industry, has been at the forefront of delivering quality and reliability to its customers, revolutionizing the market by bringing together three of the most successful and fastest-growing brands – Natural Elements, Nature Love, and Feel Natural – all under one roof. Natsana has consistently risen to meet its customers' ever-evolving demands and maintain its competitive edge. 

With a mission to transform the nutritional supplement market, Natsana is committed to providing transparency, quality, and value for money to consumers who seek to improve their well-being through natural solutions.

“The need for a solution like heyData and Candis was evident from the beginning. With our customer data handling, data protection was a top priority. The manual invoice approval process proved time-consuming, and we sought an efficient way to prepare invoices for accounting, particularly with the DATEV interface in mind.”

Lea Kehrmann

CFO's advisor at Natsana

In its quest to revolutionize the industry, Natsana faced several operational challenges that necessitated a comprehensive solution. Navigating the complex task of consolidating several sub-brands into a unified entity while aligning intricate legal and financial processes marked a significant challenge for Natsana. Lea Kehrmann, CEO of Natsana, tells us more about how the combination of heyData and Candis streamlined its operations and empowered the company to serve its mission better.

Candis is a cloud-based invoice automation solution that empowers businesses to streamline their processing workflows, including automated extraction of invoice data, seamless matching with associated purchase orders or receipts, and efficient preparation of invoices for approval and payment. As a trusted expert in this field, Candis is dedicated to delivering time and resource savings for businesses, reducing the need for manual intervention in financial management tasks.

The Challenges

“The entire data protection landscape seemed complex and overwhelming. Rapid growth had left us without a clear overview of our data processing processes, resulting in recurring questions without internal answers – a significant drain on time and resources. Approvals were manual, involving Excel spreadsheets and substantial time investment.”

Lea Kehrmann 

CFO's advisor at Natsana

Data Protection Compliance:

Natsana handles sensitive customer data, making data protection a top priority. Compliance with data protection regulations was complex and resource-intensive, particularly in creating the Record of Processing Activities (ROPA). Rapid growth left Natsana without a clear overview of its data processing processes.

Martin Bastius

The GDPR is a multifaceted and ever-evolving regulation. Navigating its intricacies and staying compliant with its provisions proved to be a formidable challenge for Candis. Keeping up with the evolving requirements demanded significant efforts.

Martin Bastius

Co-Founder & CLO heyData

Financial Operations Complexity: 

Natsana's manual invoice approval process was time-consuming. Approvals were managed through Excel spreadsheets, needing more direct communication on invoices and a reliable way to submit and prioritize them. This complexity created bottlenecks in financial operations.

Why heyData and Candis as a combined solution?

“Choosing heyData and Candis as our integrated solution was a decision that truly transformed our workflow. heyData's structured approach, cost-effective pricing, and Candis’ remarkable cost and invoice analysis features significantly enhanced our operational efficiency. Together, it's the perfect match for our business needs, revolutionizing our operations." 

Lea Kehrmann

CFO's advisor at Natsana

Natsana's search for solutions led the company to heyData and Candis, both of which provided tailored solutions for its specific challenges:

  • Improved GDPR Compliance
  • User-Friendly Platforms
  • Enhanced Efficiency & Time Saving
  • Tailored Solutions

heyData and Candis effectively resolved its unique pain points, offering the tools and resources to manage data protection compliance while streamlining financial processes and enabling efficient invoice handling. Cost-effectiveness was a key factor, with heyData's pricing structure proving more attractive than traditional data protection officers. Natsana valued both platforms' user-friendliness and modernity, making remote work and centralization possible. The combination of Candis and heyData delivered efficiency gains and time savings, allowing Natsana to refocus on core business objectives in line with its mission.

The Solution

By integrating heyData for data protection compliance and Candis for financial operations optimization, Natsana achieved a holistic solution to address its complex challenges. The combined power of both platforms allowed Natsana to:

  • Gain clarity and compliance in data protection, saving time and resources.
  • Streamline and automate financial processes, improving efficiency and communication.
  • Facilitate remote work and provide a centralized platform for their subsidiaries.

“Choosing heyData and Candis was the perfect decision for our business. heyData's structured approach, efficient questionnaires, and competitive pricing addressed our specific problems and made data management a breeze. Plus, Candis provided us with the ideal remote work solution, with cost and invoice analysis, a user-friendly platform, and streamlined subsidiary management. Together, they've transformed our operations and exceeded our expectations.” 

Lea Kehrmann

CFO's advisor at Natsana

The Results

The collaboration of heyData and Candis transformed Natsana's operations in tangible ways. The company immediately noticed improvements in daily operations. After initial implementation and employee training, they experienced:

  • Significant time savings in data protection compliance – freeing up resources for core business activities.
  • Streamlined financial operations – reducing manual efforts and communication bottlenecks.
  • Enhanced remote work capabilities, ensuring business continuity in the changing work environments.

“Today, we feel better prepared and have saved significant time and money, enabling us to focus more on our core business. We also immediately experienced a significant improvement in daily operations, particularly the streamlining of our finance processes, which has freed up valuable time for more critical tasks. The combination of heyData and Candis have become invaluable assets in our pursuit of operational excellence.”

– Lea Kehrmann

CFO's advisor at Natsana

The Future

Natsana is excited about the future with heyData and Candis. The combined benefits of these solutions have positioned Natsana to meet future challenges with confidence. Natsana's strategic investment in heyData's mattersOut whistleblowing tool last year marked a pivotal move, aligning seamlessly with its vision and underlining its commitment to transparency and compliance.

With a stronger focus on its core business of delivering quality nutritional supplements, Natsana is ready for a brighter and more efficient future in the industry they are committed to transforming.

Maximize your GDPR compliance by streamlining your data processes and documentation with heyData, and streamline your financial invoicing processes with Candis today!

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Empowering Natsana: Data Protection & Financial Mastery with heyData and Candis

Natsana, a leading provider of natural dietary supplements, leverages heyData and Candis to empower its data protection and financial operations. Featuring brands like Natural Elements, Nature Love, and Feel Natural, Natsana offers quality and transparency. Challenges in data protection and financial management necessitated an efficient solution. HeyData enhanced GDPR compliance, while Candis automated financial processes, saving time and resources. This integration enabled Natsana to achieve operational excellence and focus on its core business, eyeing an efficient future.

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