Partnership Spotlight: Cyberhotline

Partnership Spotlight: Cyberhotline

Welcome to our "Partnership Spotlight" section, where we showcase our strong partners. At heyData, we believe in customer-oriented collaboration, and through partnerships with other companies, we aim to offer our clients comprehensive solutions that go beyond just compliance and cover other aspects of their daily business operations.

Introducing our partner: Cyberhotline

The Cyberhotline of the Digital Agency Berlin is the first point of contact for Berlin-based companies in case of an attack on their IT infrastructure and systems. Since September 2022, the team behind Cyberhotline has been available in emergencies at 030 166 360 580 and can provide initial important instructions and general help even in complex situations. Additionally, the Cyberhotline can refer to an extensive network of partners that can assist in resolving IT security incidents, including us.

Our collaboration

Together with Cyberhotline, we are now available to provide support to companies in Berlin that need assistance with IT attacks. We are particularly proud of this partnership as it highlights our love for our hometown, Berlin. 

We look forward to our continued collaboration!

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