Partnership Spotlight: torq.people

Welcome to our Partnership Spotlight section, where we introduce some of our outstanding partners – today’s spotlight is on the company torq.people. At heyData, we believe in customer-centric collaboration, and through our partnerships with other companies, we aim to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions that cover other aspects of day-to-day business beyond compliance.

Our partner: torq.people

Data protection and human resources are closely linked: HR departments face the daily challenge of handling personal data, which entails obligations under data protection law. This means additional work and less time for talent-oriented and employee-centric projects.

That's why we are very pleased that one of our first partners in this section is torq.people. Torq.people is one of the most sought-after HR consultancies in Berlin and part of the group. The company specializes in HR strategy, talent development and employee experience, among other areas, offering its clients comprehensive support and practical solutions to their HR challenges. torq.people is your go-to partner if you are either looking for an expert on specific HR issues or need an HR team to accelerate your growth. torq.people has extensive experience in various industries and can thus address the specific needs of all their clients. With its dedicated team of HR experts, comprehensive HR services and tailored solutions, they are a valuable partner for companies and provide excellent support.

Our collaboration 

At heyData, we want to go further than simply offering data protection – we want to deliver simple and comprehensive solutions that improve our customers’ day-to-day business operations as well. With our mattersOut product, we have already taken the first step in this direction by developing an easy-to-use platform for anonymous notifications of misconduct and violations that goes beyond compliance and is especially useful from a human resource perspective.

Through our partnership with torq.people, we have now expand our offering for HR professionals. In addition to ensuring data protection compliance, heyData customers can build their HR processes on this stable foundation, with the help of torq.people. By working with torq.people, we can provide a comprehensive HR service to optimize our customers' HR processes. This partnership allows us to support our customers in the areas of compliance, data protection, and HR process optimization, all in one place.

This strengthens our commitment to delivering the best possible services to our customers and supporting them in achieving their business goals.

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