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Cookie Consent Text: A Must for Your Website According to the GDPR

A cookie consent text is essential to create transparency about the use of cookies and to obtain user consent in accordance with the GDPR.

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To comply with GDPR, websites must transparently disclose the specific types of personal data they collect and process through a cookie consent text. This includes specifying the different categories of cookies and their purposes and obtaining users' explicit consent to store or access these cookies on their devices.

What is a cookie consent text?

The "cookie notice" or "cookie consent text" is a short, clear message on your website that informs visitors about the use of cookies. It plays a central role in obtaining user consent for cookies that process personal data.

It is important to understand the difference between "cookie text" and "cookie policy text". The cookie policy contains a more comprehensive statement describing the company's handling of personal data and the protection of user privacy, while the cookie text is a concise summary displayed in the pop-up banner.

Cookie context text and GDPR

The GDPR requires all websites that use cookies to follow strict rules for the handling of users' personal data and to obtain users' explicit consent to the use of cookies before collecting their data. The cookie consent text should meet the following criteria

  • Inform users about the use of cookies on the website or app and third-party services.
  • Clearly specify which actions indicate consent.
  • They must be clearly displayed so that they are easy to recognize.
  • Provide a link to a cookie policy or provide information about the purpose of cookies, their use and related third-party activities.

Why heyData for your cookie compliance?

heyData is your GDPR expert that offers you comprehensive support:

  1. Digital audit: heyData conducts annual audits to check whether necessary cookies are being used, which we classify as such. These are then listed accordingly in the privacy policy.
  2. Privacy policy: heyData provides general information in the privacy policy about the use of cookies and the legal basis for this, including whether cookies are technically necessary.
  3. Cookie banner advice: We support you in the design and implementation of cookie banners, including legally required content and text suggestions.
  4. Categorization assistance: If you are unsure about the categorization of individual cookies, we will advise you and point out potential risks.
  5. Important for our German customers: Our services are tailored to German data protection requirements, by the implementation of the EU Cookie Law in Germany.

Contact heyData now and let us help you create your cookie consent text and privacy policy!

Advantages of the cookie consent text

  • Compliance: Helps websites comply with data protection laws such as the GDPR and ensures that user consent is obtained before data is collected through cookies.
  • Transparency: Discloses the use of tracking technologies so that users can make informed decisions about their privacy while browsing
  • Trusted user experience: Promotes trust by emphasizing a commitment to protecting user privacy, improving the overall browsing experience
  • Control: Provides users with the ability to personalize their cookie settings and determine what types of cookies they accept or reject.

Best practices for the cookie consent text

An effective cookie consent text should:

  1. Contain clear information about the type of cookies used.
    Be visible and accessible
  2. Use simple language instead of jargon and legal terms

Example of a good and informative GDPR-compliant cookie text:

From heyData: "If you consent, we use third-party services that store information in or retrieve information from a site visitor's end device. We then process the information further. This all helps us to optimize our website and better understand our visitors. You can revoke your consent with effect for the future, e.g. on the left on the "fingerprint".

Hear it From Our Customers

In the privacy policy, the information about cookies should contain the following points briefly and clearly:

  • What are cookies? Brief explanation of their function (storing user preferences, improving the user experience).
  • Cookie types: Distinction between necessary, performance, functional and advertising cookies.
  • User choices: Instructions on how users can accept or reject cookies or adjust their settings.
  • Consent: Description of how user consent is obtained.
  • Communicate changes: Notice of possible updates to the cookie policy.
  • Contact: Contact information for queries.

These points should help users to quickly understand your cookie practices and effectively manage their privacy settings.

The audit report informs about necessary information in the cookie banner, implementation suggestions and contains a sample text for the cookie banner.

In case of inquiries, heyData helps customers to categorize cookies and points out associated risks.

No, heyData does not take over the categorization of unnecessary cookies or the complete technical setup of the cookie banner.

Cookies for language settings, shopping cart, search terms, log-in data, and payment processing (without analysis of user behavior) as well as Flash cookies for media content may be set without consent. These are cookies that are essential for the operation of a website and its basic functions.